Tracey Murphy

HR Consultant Director

Tracey is a practical strategist, specialising in HR and People strategies for small and medium-sized UK businesses. She is a graduate of the University of Central Lancashire and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Tracey’s HR career began 20 years ago, during which she has held senior roles at Corporate level, becoming known for troubleshooting under-performing functions and building Organisation Development strategies. In 2012 she developed her own business from scratch, she made an acquisition in 2014, and in 2018 she facilitated a merger.

More information about Tracey’s career can be found on her website.

Tracey solely works with business owners preparing for exit or transformational growth. She works throughout the North of England and has clients in online retail, accountancy, legal services, IT services and support, software development, trade distribution and specialised logistics.

An exit means something different to each one of Tracey’s clients. For most it is to prepare for a sale, or an MBO, at the best possible price. For others it is to gain time freedom to do other projects, hobbies or with family. The common need is to get their business to run with an effective management team, which can take the business forward without the owner’s day-to-day involvement.

Tracey develops the People strategy, which can involve all aspects of:-

  1. a) designing the Organisation Structure Roadmap that will deliver the exit
  2. b) building the Succession Planning strategy, based on addressing the key people risks
  3. c) implementing Performance Management systems, to improve productivity and identify internal Talent
  4. d) designing a HR function to support the growth of internal and external talent and manage employer risk

Clients can engage Tracey on a half-day or full-day consultancy-rate basis, on projects of at least twelve months in duration. Click here to contact Tracey.

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