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Job Support Scheme Update

Hello clients and contacts,

Following our briefing below on the 24th September, there has been an interesting update to the new Job Support Scheme to address the matter of local and national lockdowns.

This extension of the provision applies to any business required to close their premises as a result of a lockdown. In this set of circumstances the government will pay a grant as follows:

  1. Two thirds of each employees salary up to a maximum of £2,100 per month.
  2. You would only have to pay NI and pension contributions.
  3. The grant only applies during the period where the lockdown restrictions apply.
  4. Employees would have to be off work for a minimum of 7 consecutive working days.

Next Steps:

If you think that your business will be impacted in this way by a local or national lockdown, it would be a good opportunity now to work out what the figures look like for your workforce and how it can be managed in your cashflow so that you can plan ad and be prepared.

As ever we are here to support you with any Covid or other HR matters.

Kindest regards

Grassroots Team

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