Training & Coaching

Invest in personal development & accelerate performance

Investing in the personal development of yourself and your team is a key factor in achieving business success. Continually improving and strengthening your people’s core skills enables the company to progress its goals and grow. Training motivates teams, creates staff loyalty and enhances a company’s reputation as a good employer, as well as meeting your legal obligation in some areas.

Coaching & Personal Development for staff and managers

At Grassroots HR we offer a variety of cost effective personal development, coaching and training packages. We can help you:

  • Improve your own self-awareness & self-knowledge
  • Develop your team’s strengths & fulfil their aspirations
  • Identify or improve the potential of new employees and recently promoted managers
  • Define and execute personal development processes & plans
  • Handle disciplinary issues, carry out effective appraisals and motivate your team

Team Building Away Days

In partnership with Team Academy™ we offer a team building course that makes a real impact on performance and getting people working better together – it will improve communication, creativity & inject energy into your team. To request more information please use the boxes below.

To find out more about how Grassroots HR can help your business, please call or email us today.