Employee Welfare

Employee Tribunal Protection

The number of employment tribunal claims has risen dramatically by 56% in 2009-10. Reasons vary from unfair dismissal, breach of contract, discrimination and increasingly, incorrect management of the redundancy process. Tribunal claims cost companies an average of £7,000 even when they win and many thousands more when they don’t.

Starting from under £200 per year you can cover the costs of legal representation and Awards. The policy covers Grassroots professional fees up to £100,000 and for a partner level employment lawyer to represent your business for any allegations of unfair dismissal or discrimination. If the case is lost, the cover also covers the costs of Awards up to £100,000. You can extend your Legal Expenses Insurance cover to include defending a criminal prosecution brought against your business such as a breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Better Protection For You & Your Employees

At Grassroots HR we want to ensure our clients are fully protected, which is why we offer a range of supplementary services:

Occupational Health

In partnership with Abel Occupational Health Resolutions Ltd  we can deliver a bespoke service to small and large businesses. Our specialist practitioners have nursing and medical skills, and provide health surveillance, manage sickness absence, support rehabilitation back to work services. We also provide health-related training on stress management, work-life balance and health promotion. We are able to support clients across the UK.

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