How We Help Our Clients

Knowledge Bank – Employee Dismissal

Knowledge Bank is a family run business providing Direct Mailing Lists, Data Profiling, Business Data and Email Marketing solutions. They contacted Grassroots HR for advice and assistance in dealing with an underperforming member of their sales staff. We worked closely with the business to review the various options from performance improvement through to dismissal; in this case it made sense for the individual to leave the business as they were not suited to the role and did not have the necessary ability to perform. We were able to make this process as straightforward as possible and ensure there was no dispute between the company and the employee.

Electrical Contractor – Contract of Employment

As a result of a large contract being delayed, a North West electrical contractor believed they needed to make several of their staff redundant. However, as Grassroots HR had already put in place a Contract of Employment with a ‘Layoff’ clause we were able to advise the company that in fact the staff could be laid off easily and quickly, rather than made redundant, and this would cost just £107.50 per person. This meant when the contracted work finally started several weeks later the company had avoided the cost of redundancy, retained its skilled workforce and did not need to recruit or train any new staff – saving the company over £22,000.

Steel Fabricators – Staff Development & Appraisal

After putting into place bespoke Contracts and Employee Handbooks, Grassroots HR were asked to implement a staff appraisal process to aid with staff development and performance. The appraisal process was tailored to the company and the staff and managers were trained on how to carry out and take part in an effective appraisal process. As a direct result of the new process being in place, staff training and development needs have been identified and are being met and the productivity of the company has increased by 20%.

Anasis Ltd – Business & Personal Coaching

Anasis Ltd is a specialist Application Performance Monitoring consultancy. The Director has been very successful but still had a number of ambitious goals he wanted to fulfil. To achieve them more quickly he decided to use Grassroots HR’s NLP-based coaching service. Over a few sessions we have been able to provide the focus, accountability and structure he needed to meet these aims. As a result of our coaching he’s improved the sales process, time management and confidence – enabling the company to go from strength to strength.

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