Candidate Assessment Services

Choose The Right People First Time, Every Time

Recruiting new people is a major investment in time, money and effort. Grassroots HR have partnered with experienced candidate assessment service providers to ensure you select the right person first time.

DISC Profiling (Psychometric Testing)

In partnership with Ei4Change Ltd we can provide proven psychometric testing services to help you recruit the best people. Recruiters around the world have used DISC profiling to reveal insights into candidates working behaviour. Through asking a series of simple questions, DISC identifies how a person is likely to solve problems and respond to challenges, influence or persuade others, and respond to change and regulations. It can help you compare a candidate’s personality profile against your vacancy and explore their suitability for the role.

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Candidate Assessment Away Days

In partnership with Team Academy™, we offer a challenging alternative to the conventional recruitment process. Our Candidate Assessment Away Days provide a series of exercises to assess up to 8 candidates and their abilities in problem solving, dealing with stress and time constraints while revealing their teamwork, leadership and risk-taking skills. You will discover characteristics – both good and bad – that cannot be uncovered in a one-hour interview and masked in a well-written CV. Throughout the day candidates are observed and assessed for the following qualities.

  • Risk taking
  • Delegation skills
  • Leadership
  • Motivation and the ability to motivate others
  • Self-starter
  • Passion
  • Communication style
  • Time management
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • How they operate under stress

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